Project: The SOLD Project: Thailand  Four short films

Client: Laughing Angels - Rachel Sparks

the sold project: Thailand


Pied Piper Post, LLC

Greg Hamlin - Colorist

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Goal: The SOLD Project works to keep children from the sex trade. Scenes of Bangkok streets at night were full of bright colorful neon lights. Director Laura Adams and I wanted to make these scenes more dingy and squalid to contrast with the beautiful scenes of Thailand’s countryside where the children come from. It was also important to make the levels broadcast safe. I desaturated the colors, shifted the pink neon lights from the pretty pink to a dull, dusty rose, and made the sidewalks dull grey. I also accentuated the unattractive green fluorescent light.

“An intuitive colorist, Greg seamlessly incorporates subtle tweaks to major fixes and ‘raises the bar of excellence’ frame by frame creating impacting emotional cues.”

Laura Adams

Producer/Director &Executive Creative Director

Liquid Worldwide, Inc.

Entertainment I Philanthropy