Promo for Cornell University Hollywood Internship Program

Client: Jim Tavares - Cornell University


Cornell in Hollywood

Blue Bus - Independent Feature

Project: Feature Film - HD

Client: Scarpaci-Kelly Productions

Goal: Restore the lace curtain detail for the scene inside a haunted victorian bedroom. To do this I used the gamma curve adjustment to stretch the highlight range. I also kept the light from outside cooler to make the scene a bit more moody.

Pied Piper Post, LLC

Greg Hamlin - Colorist

626 254-8522 Office

Goal: To promote Cornell’s Hollywood internship program, Jim’s spoof on the origin of Cornell’s motto required shooting color but creating the look of archival black & white film. To overcome a limited lighting budget, I used vignettes to simulate candlelight, desaturated, and adjusted the gamma curve to create more of a film look. Jim then added an “old film” plug-in.